Void Properties

Our professional void property cleaning service is perfect for agents, private landlords, building management companies, local authorities, housing associations and social housing companies.

Void properties are often left with cleaning needs and many are best left to the professionals. Here at So Fresh & So Clean we can provide the full cleaning and clearance service. Aside from items such as rubbish, furniture and white goods, we also provide full clearances when a property is left as a result of death or abandonment.

In these situations, hazardous waste can sometimes be a serious issue when a vacant property needs cleaning. Drug paraphernalia such as needles and syringes, as well as bodily fluid (that can harbour infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV), all require specialist cleaning.

It is vital that this process is performed safely using the correct biohazard cleaning and sharps removal equipment, and that the right personal protective equipment is worn.

Our qualified team are fully equipped and extensively trained to deal with all drug and bodily waste left behind.